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two local boys taking the whisky world by storm

Isle of Mull whisky was launched in Tobermory on the Island of Mull in the summer of 2010 by locals Neil Morrison and Calum Maclean. From that day on, Isle of Mull whisky has been received as one of the finest blends on the market.

This brand’s identity was all about getting attention. A study and test was made into what was the most effective packaging style to give it the biggest advantage on the bar gantry. It had to look bold and challenging as well as authentic and quality. Wanting to aim at a younger market, the brand made an advantage of wanting to break the traditional mold. We are building up a strong personality for the product, one that has bags of attitude and doesn't take itself too seriously .

To date this whisky has out sold every other brand that it sits beside. Job done? not yet, we are still working together hard to break into new markets, especially the US, Brazil and supermarket chains in the UK.