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mi Casa es su casa. my house is your house



Artmap is an artistic collective from all over Argyll, they represent a wide verity of disciplines and crafts from painting to sculpture, from glass making to tapestry. Every summer the group opens up their studios to the public, allowing people to see the space in which the art has been created. To help publicize the event my:creative have produced a Brochure Book to showcase a profile of each artist and the group as a whole. The book also works as a catalog promoting the their work all year round and a guide to the area.

my: explored the concept of linking all the different artist together through the land as a common factor they all shared. Using the copy line "argyll artists cut from the land" we started to work with map contours and ordinate iconography and symbols. Adapting map typography into interesting patterns and applying it to the booklet. The image of the scissors cutting a path through the landscape resonated with the group and it became the focal point of the event.

The Brochure book was printed on 100% recycled paper called 9 lives with an un-coated finish to give a rustic feel. The pages were burst bound with a square edge to give a bit of quality and strength, while giving more pocket book end use. The books cover folded out to reveal a map of the area with a list of venues to visit and follow. The final design captured a mix of an art catalog with a guide book.