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mi Casa es su casa. my house is your house



After the success of Pinto Mexican Kitchen on Queen Street, the brand wanted to expend and improve on its design and appeal to the larger office style market. The 2nd Pinto was to be located in the heart of the commercial and business district in Glasgow, right beside hundreds of shops and office blocks.

Without throwing away all the good work that had been done to appeal to the younger student market, we wanted to refine the interior and menu system while keeping the brand identity strong throughout all the venues. To achieve this we worked hard to find appropriate materials such as distressed wood, Mexican patterned fabrics and fired clay Taco tiles imported from Mexico. To complement this we mixed in our contemporary items like the iconic bottle wallpaper, but this time commissioned it to be hand drawn and expanded to fill the whole wall space. We also created a 5 metre long Mexican collage filled with everything we could think of from that colourful country.

This evolution has been very successful and a 3rd venue will be opening within the year.

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