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Xedo are a software design company dedicated to the wedding industry. Their aim is to enable bridal store owners to take the administration out of running a bridal business, and to connect them to their suppliers and customers using the most up-to-date web technology.

Xedo Software engaged us with the desire to create a fresh brand direction. This was to coincide with the market launch of a new lead product. The brand was reborn from the core values discovered in a series of workshops and story meetings. With the aim of forming a new identity that would describe the brand truths in a more welcoming way, while also bringing them into line with the target market.

To break from the crowd and elevate Xedo as a genuine software partner, we designed a set of dynamic lines of light (Ribbons) to promote the abstract idea of the flow of digital information. This is also way to show connection between the customer and the retailer, linking together all the touch points of the product.