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mi Casa es su casa. my house is your house



SortMy is an online web application designed by Xedo Software, the app help grooms organise their wedding outfits as easily as possible. The system runs in conjunction with many of the UKs major department stores and independent tuxedo and Kilt suppliers. Storing measurements and taking orders for the whole of the grooms bridal party.

The software and website needed a standalone identity to engage with the user. The website also required a set of fun & informational illustrations for its blog articles on how to survive your own wedding. To future proof the brand, the client plans to take the brand into other sectors that may need this handy system to help orginise their; Stag Doo, Flowers or even Venue.

We took a sophisticated approach to elevate the user into the classy world of Tuxedos and wedding outfits. We wanted to challenge the myth that weddings are always originated by the bride and treat the user (groom) with respect and not like he needs their hand held (to much). The design itself makes use of the ‘M’ letterform to depict a gentleman in tux and bow tie, but to refresh the logo we use a number of variations like the use of an added top hat, pocket flower or necktie. All demonstrating directly what the application does for the user.

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